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  • "We help you Print/Copy/Scan it."

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Thank you for the MarketPlace feedback!

Since April 15, 2014, we processed 9,817 PO’s through the MarketPlace E-Procurement system. During that same time, the Purchasing staff collected and responded to 455 voucher exceptions. As a result of your voucher comments the Purchasing Department was able to:

  • Offer department specific training on FedEx Office Copy/Print services
  • Lower the catalog price on several laboratory supply items
  • Begin a project to optimize the scientific freezer programs
  • Offer DNA sequencing ordering training from Eton BioScience
  • Begin moving 250 FedEx commercial accounts into the University’s master agreement

Just a Reminder:   As of July 1, 2014, voucher payments will not be allowed for MarketPlace vendors. 
Thanks for your support of the MarketPlace!

EH&PS Lab Supply Sourcing Survey

**Attention Principle Researchers and Lab Managers!** Please help us to serve you better by taking the Lab Supply Sourcing Survey.

Office Depot/Tech Depot merger

Tech Depot recently merged with Office Depot and now Tech Depot's catalog can be found under Office Depot in the MarketPlace.


We help you buy it ... NCSU MarketPlace and Purchasing Card help with the small purchases, while Sourcing and Procurement Services guides you through the larger acquisitions.

We help you move it ... with receiving and storage through Warehouse Services, access to the FedEx shipping application, or Special Services helping you with redeliveries from the warehouse.

We help you dispose of it ... from pick-up of your used furniture and equipment, to Surplus Property providing campus surplus items a second life.

We help you document it....with printing, copying, scanning and faxing through WolfCopy (faculty and staff) and WolfPrint (students) services.

About Us

Materials Management is your partner in the acquisition, distribution and disposal of the supplies and equipment needed to support the mission of the university. Our dedicated staff members aim to deliver timely and courteous service everyday.


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Asst Director: Jim Hansen, email: jbhanse@ncsu.edu | phone: 919-515-2171
Business Officer: Missy Alls, email: msalls@ncsu.edu | phone: 919-515-7810
PCard Program Manager: Ashru Shah, email: amshah3@ncsu.edu | phone: 919-515-6202
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